Timelock Servicing



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Timelock Servicing

Course Description

The care and service of timelock movements serve two purposes. First, proper servicing on an annual basis extends the usable life of a mechanical timelock movement, usually beyond the fifty-year mark. Secondly, the profit generated for the service company is usually considerably more than any other type of bank lock service. Our four day program will deal with the most popular movements of the last 60 years and encompass approximately 80% of the product in current use today. This is a hands-on program designed to teach inspection, disassembly, cleaning, assembly, lubrication, adjustment and testing of today’s movements. You will also learn what to do in emergency service scenarios and how to synchronize both the movements and housings for zero unlock. All of this adds up to making you more proficient and profitable with timelock service.

Who Should Attend

  • Understanding timelock movement nomenclature
  • Disassembly of Mosler, Yale, Diebold, S&G, TMI, LeFebure & other movements
  • Servicing each component using the hand cleaning method
  • Servicing each component using an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Points of adjustment
  • Inspection points for wear and potential failure
  • Reassembly
  • Lubrication
  • Adjusting, testing and calibration
  • Emergency timelock movement service techniques
  • Synchronization and installation of time locking devices
  • Retro-fitting of replacement movements
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Length: 4 Days
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Prerequisite: None
Credits: NA


Tuition: $875.
Optional College Credit Fee: NA
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