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Aviation Operations Physical Security

Course Description

The class, taught by veteran security specialists, covers perimeter security, access control, intrusion detection, security lighting, locking devices and closed circuit television systems. The administrative and operations side is covered with classes in risk assessment, surveys and inspections. Aesthetics are addressed in a security design class.

Who Should Attend

- TSA Aviation Inspectors - TSA Cargo Inspectors - Airport Police
- Airport Management - General Aviation Security - Crime Scene Investigators
- Port Security Police


This course is designed to provide regulatory inspectors with an in-depth knowledge of physical security procedures and equipment used in an airport environment. It will give you the advantage in knowing how an area or facility has been breached, giving greater detail about the level of an individual's skills, tools and mindset. This class will give you thorough understanding of how to secure a facility or an area to aid in crime prevention. The course was initially developed by LSI security professionals to assist in managing issues at critical infrastructure facilites and hubs for commercial transportation.

Subjects Covered

Common techniques used to defeat security systems will be discussed along with:
Physical Security Operations
Intrusion Detection Systems
Locks and Locking Devices
Perimeter Security
Access Control
Risk Assessment
Security Lighting
CCTV Technology

Course Includes
AOPS Manual & additional information


Course Benefits
Gain proper skills and knowledge for managing issues at critical infrastructure facilites and hubs for commercial transportation in a legal manner.
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
-- Comprehensive Security Specialist 10 Day Course 4 Credit Hours  
-- MSCCS 3 1/2 Day Course NA  
-- Access Control 10 Day Course 4 Credit Hours  

Course Details

Length: 4 1/2 Days
Course #: LSI 121
Prerequisite: None
Credits: NA


Tuition: $970..
Optional College Credit Fee: NA
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

Certificates & Diplomas