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In-Facility or On Location

Course Descriptions

Each course page contains information about a broad range of skills and technology used for those courses. In many cases a group or department may only need to know a portion of one or more courses or skills.

In each case we design and assemble what is called a "Contract Course".

As an example; Perhaps a full 10 day Locksmithing course is too much? And/or doesn't contain a specific lock, device or method. We can customize a 5 day course for you & bring it to your location.

Mobile Training Team MTT

If, for whatever reason you cannot come to us, our Mobile Training Team can come to your location . With Mobile Training options you can pick our curriculum or curriculums apart and choose the specific areas that meet your needs.

Our Mobile Training Team travels with a full compliment of course materials, tailored to the specific curriculum to insure accurate knowledge and skills acquisition by Hands-On study.

Our educational contract specialists can make course mobilization happen! - Very quickly.


To satisfy exact needs of an organization in a cost effective, timely manner.

Subjects Covered

You specify!

See our Course List, for a starting point or simply give us a call at 866.574.8724 or email email:

Course Details

Length: VARIES
Course #: Combined
Credits: Specific or NA
Tuition: Varies


Certificates & Diplomas
  • LSI Diploma
  • or Specific Device Certifications