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Group 1 Lock Manipulation

Course Description

Through lecture and laboratory participation, this course examines the Sargent & Greenleaf 8400/8500 and 2937 Group I and/or IR Mechanical Combination Locks and explores the vulnerability, strength and weaknesses and techniques to manipulate these locks without damage to the lock or security container that these locks are mounted to and without leaving evidence that the event took place.

Who Should Attend

The ideal students for this training are those that work on GSA Authorized Security Equipment and Commercial Locksmiths Install, Service and Neutralize High Security Safes, both Industrial and Jewelers Safes.

---- "Need To Know"
- Locksmiths - GSA Technician/Inspector - Safe and Vault Technicians


The student will identify the S&G 8400/8500 Group 1 abd/or 1R and the 2937 Group 1 Mechanical Combination Locks, identify the type of security container or safe that these locks are mounted on and be able to manipulate these locks with the principles delineated in the course of instruction.

Subjects Covered

Sargent & Greenleaf 8400/8500 and 2937 Group I and IR Mechanical Combination Locks.
strength and weaknesses
Identify the type of security container or safe that these locks are mounted on and explain the purpose of each.
Determine the Handing of the lock.
Understand the complete procedure to manipulate these locks.
Identify various aids and tools used to manipulate mechanical combination locks.
Demonstrate an opening of these locks through manipulation.

Course Includes

LSI Group 1 & 1R Manipulation Manual


Course Benefits
Join the elite few, who are capable technicians for this group of highly secure locks.
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-- SCIF Training 5 Day Course    
-- LockOne- LKM7000 & X-09 Certification 2 Day Course    
-- S&G 2740 / 2890 Certification 1 Day Course    

Course Details

Length: 5 Days
Course #: LSI 155
Credits: 2 Hours


Tuition: $2,500.
Optional College Credit Fee: Call
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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