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GSA Authorized Safe & Vault Technician and Inspector Training & Certification

Length: 10 Days

Course #: LSI 130

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: $2,900.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

GSA Authorized Safe & Vault Technician and Inspector Training & Certification

The comprehensive course will give you hands-on instruction on the approved methods of servicing, installing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and certifying GSA: Locks, Vaults & Containers. You will also learn the proper means to perform entry into GSA Containers.

For Inspector Certification the student will learn how to confirm if a GSA container or vault door meets the Federal Performance Specifications and can be GSA approved. The student will be instructed on the latest regulations and updates. Related topics will include; inspection procedures, specification updates for GSA approved containers, vault doors and locks.

Out of only 2 schools authorized to teach this information, LSI has the most extensive collection of containers available. LSI’s course and materials are authorized by the GSA, IACSE and SEALS organizations.

Please Note: This course does not cover FF-L-2740B lock drilling or FF-L-2890C lock installation. We offer the following courses: GSA II: FF-L-2740B Lock Drilling and LKM10K Lock Certification.

Who Should Attend

This course was designed for anyone who needs to know how to successfully service, maintain, perform covert and forced entry and repair GSA Approved Security Containers. It is an ideal course for any U.S. military, government & commercial locksmith.

– Locksmiths
– Military Support Personnel
– Security Contractors


The objective of the GSA program is to establish standards of training. Our objective is to masterfully train all aspects, and certify those students who meet those standards.

Successfully passing this course earns the GSA certification of:
“GSA Certified Inspector”, which is valid for a period of three years. After the term of three years, to maintain the certification a recertification test must be taken and passed online or in person.
As a GSA Inspector, the student will be authorized to inspect and re-certify, or revoke certification, on any GSA approved container or vault door.

Subjects Covered

Security Information Program Specifications, Policy and Guidance: Federal, Military, DOE, NISPOM and DoD

Mechanical combination locks: Servicing and combination changing on S&G 2937.

Extensive, hands-on diagnostics and troubleshooting of mechanical and electromechanical combination locks

GSA Approved Security Containers: Operation, service, diagnostics and maintenance of file cabinets, map & plan containers, weapons containers, and vault doors, drilling of both Black and Red Label security containers and more.

Kaba Mas X-10 Factory Certification
S&G 2740B Factory Certification
Overview of X-07, X-08, X-09

Course Includes

GSA Authorized Course Manual(Extensive) – on Kindle
DVD Materials
Basic GSA Toolkit
GSA Technician / Inspector Privileges

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