MSCCS - Multimodal Supply Chain & Cargo Security



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Multimodal Supply Chain & Cargo Security

Course Description

Following up on the Aviation Operations Physical Security class, Multimodal Supply Chain & Cargo Security addresses supply chain and cargo theft issues including an overview of supply chain security and cargo crime; securing facilities; vehicle and trailer theft; and procedural cargo protection. Risk assessment and cargo theft investigations are covered. All modes of transportation will be addressed, including rail. Cargo security technology, including seals and "smart technology" will be discussed, including seal defeat techniques.

Who Should Attend

- TSA Inspectors - Security Managers, Facility Directors - Law Enforcement
- Port Security - Trucking Companies - Port Managers - Railroad Companies
- Crime Prevention & Physical Security Specialists - Loss Prevention Specialists
- Employees with Property Control & Liability Responsibilities
- Federal Contract Employees with Security Responsibilities
- Anyone involved in the movement or protection of cargo.


Able to identify the threats and security risks within a supply chain.
Identify cargo crime threat
Principals of C-TPAT, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.
Procedural concepts of cargo protection.
Threats of theft of vehicles/trailers
Assess the needs and properly apply physical security systems in support of the supply chain security model.
Theft prevention techniques.

Subjects Covered

Theory of Supply Chain Security
Procedural Cargo Protection
Physical Security
Mechanical Seals
Modern Piracy
Anti-Theft Issues
Theory of Cargo Crime
Investigating Cargo Crime
Risk and threat analysis based on cargo (value & criticality) and destination
Cargo tracking systems
"Smart" Technology
Vehicle theft/trailer theft
Cargo Diversion

Course Includes
Print Reference Material "Need to Know"


Course Benefits
Gain a position of authoritative knowledge in the field of travel security and cargo transportation and protection.
Recommended Courses for Rapid Advancement
-- Automotive Opening Half Day Course Addendum    
-- Access Control 10 Day Course 4 Credit Hours  
-- Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Servicing 5 Day Course 2 Credit Hours  

Course Details

Length: 3 1/2 Days
Course #: LSI 122
Prerequisite: None
Credits: NA


Tuition: $780.
Optional College Credit Fee: NA
Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.

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