About Lockmasters Security Institute


Since 1955, LSI Instructors and Staff have pursued the goal of being the security industry's leading educational facility.

LSI provides its students with specialized classrooms equipped with the tools and materials to succeed in their field of study. The best locksmithing tools, mounted practice devices, combination examples of every type, foreign locks, and the most extensive selection of GSA class containers for study from any school!

This is the difference between LSI and the average training company. Unlike so many training seminars, LSI classes are not held in a conference room.

In Kentucky, LSI's 22,000 sq. ft. security training facility is state-of-the-art. The facility has unique functionality, specifically designed and built to suit the course's purpose for better learning learning, and more in-depth skills acquisition. Everything that can be "hands-on" is taugh in a hands on fashion. When you leave here, you are already a professional with real- world experience. Not a memorized hope to accomplish what you've never done!

It is our way of saying at LSI you can expect to get the very best resources and instruction available.

Our Technical instructors have up to decades of field experience, which is vital for learning our intense "hands-on" instruction. They are authors, inventors and award winning instructors that have trained LSI students worldwide. Even some of the instructors at other up and coming schools.

Our Security instructors are former federal or state level senior security and law enforcement professionals. Their experience ranges from U.S. Secret Service, the National Security Agency (NSA), the General Services Administration (GSA) Law Enforcement and Security, the Department of Defense, the Postal Inspection Service and Federal Protective Services.

Whether your field involves the technical side of physical security or responsibilities for security management, at LSI you're sure to find real-world solutions to your daily challenges.

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The combination of hands-on technical training and security management courses provides you with an opportunity for security education available nowhere else.

Here, at the Insititute...
22,000 sf facility built specifically for Lock, Safe, Vault and Security Training.
One of the most complete arrays of GSA Containers for instruction in the world.
The most concise, hands-on instruction from the best instructors in the industry. Still unmatched!
The original training facility for over 48% of the other instructors in the world!
The largest collection of Timelocks, Safelocks, Padlocks and locking devices on display in the world.
Over 55 patents for locks and locking devices including the X-07.
Three hall of fame inductees in Safe & Vault Technicians Association.
Four GPLA Honorees (Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association) - The industry who's who.
Four generations of master lock, safe and vault technicians.
Many other things "For those with a need to know".

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