Executive Summary


Mission Statement
LSI will remain the internationally recognized leader in innovative solutions to evolving security challenges.

Vision Statement
We are growing with technology to maintain our global leadership in recognizing the security needs before our competitors and providing quality knowledge and product to our customers.
Values Statement
We promise always to strive for customer satisfaction by living up to our commitments, integrity in performance and innovation in knowledge transfer and product development.

At Lockmasters Security Institute, we are committed to:

• Hands-on training using custom built labs and real-life scenarios that develop required knowledge, skills and abilities.
• Innovation in research and development as well as the development of security training best practices.

• Career advancement of each student through college accredited, government certified training.

Professional security training is essential in preparing for tomorrow's security challenges

Your goals are ours. In your long list of responsibilities, one oversight is one too many. We understand your level of accountability and the pressure you face every day. We have worked within every leading industry over our 55+ year history to mitigate risk and increase security.

Security specialists must be accurate, consistent and efficient. However, most new security specialists are required to learn on the job. While hands-on experience is valuable, ignoring professional training comes with many risks. Misinformation, outdated techniques, and the use of incorrect tools put your security responsibilities at risk.

Lockmasters Security Institute is the industry leader in innovative physical security education. Our courses cover a wide variety of applications including Law enforcement, Government, Military, Corporate and commercial realities. We give you access to the information, tools and hands-on training for a competent and confident workforce.