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Access Control Technician

Length: 10 Days

Course #: LSI 160

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: $3,000.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Access Control Technician

This course provides the basic knowledge of multiple access control platforms, such as standalone, distributed processing and host. You will learn the basic concepts, technologies and definitions used in the industry. By the end of the first week you will understand the hardware associated with the installation of an access control system, as well as, basic electricity. With practical exercise we will explore the beginning stages of building a system.

The hands-on portion of the class, taught in a real world lab, will provide the student with the necessary skills to become a technician. The students will complete a site survey of their door, install hardware, wire, troubleshoot and program multiple access control systems. By the end of the course, the student will have installed a complete system.

Course Overview

There’s a basic overview of standalone access control hardware (Schlage CO-100, Alarm Lock T-2) installation, program for single door systems; single door wired systems (Keri Intelli-Prox, Altronix Boards, IEI Door-Gard) as well as multi-door wired system (Keri NXT-2 door with Mercury).

Time is spent with basic demos of mechanical hardware, electrified hardware (hinges, locks, exit devices, electric strikes, keypads, scanners. We pivot to discussing AC and DC circuits, relays, switches, etc. and have the class start wiring up a basic application with batteries, power supplies – using locks, mags or strikes. We review tools required in the field, the wire you pull based on the building and code compliance.

You will spend time in the door lab pulling wire from your power supplies to the door to install mag locks, keypads, electric strikes. You are instructed how to properly prep the doors in the field for raceways. They can choose to run concealed connections or surface applied connections.

We review authentication formats – HID, Mifare, Smart Card, Weigand, RFID, Ekeys, and simple prox systems. We are learning concepts or a general overview of stand-alone vs online/offline access control systems.

Course Topics

Who Should Attend

LSI’s Access Control course is ideal for individuals who have never had formal training or for those who are interested in making a career change in the highly competitive field of electronic access control. Prospective students are:

– Field Security Officer – Security Manager – Access Control Technician
– Locksmith – Military Support Personnel – Security Contractors
– IT Specialist – Security Consultants – GSA Technician/Inspector

Course Includes

LSI Access Control Manual
Product Support Manual
Basic Access Control Technician Tool Kit

Note: Recommended /Optional: PC laptop running Windows XP, 2000 with admin privileges.

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