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GSA Inspector Certification

Length: 3 Days

Course #: LSI 131

Prerequisite: Formal GSA instruction on locks and containers

Tuition: $825.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

GSA Inspector Certification

This course teaches you how to confirm if a GSA container or vault door is up to standards and can be labeled GSA approved. You will be given instructions on the latest regulations and updates to the inspector’s course, covering all related topics including: inspection procedures, containers, vault doors and locks, drilling, repair and maintenance.

Successful completion of this course requires that the student pass a written and practical test on all aspects of inspecting and re-certifying GSA approved security containers. Successfully passing this course earns the GSA certification of “GSA Certified Inspector”.

Who Should Attend

1. This course is for anyone with current GSA Technician knowledge who needs to know how to successfully inspect and certify or re-certify a GSA Approved Security Container, but does not have inspector status.

2. For existing Inspectors who have surpassed the 3 year mandatory recertification knowledge barrier.


Successfully passing this course earns the GSA certification of:
“GSA Certified Inspector”, which is valid for a period of three years. After the term of three years, to maintain the certification a recertification test must be taken and passed online or in person.
As a GSA Inspector, the student will be authorized to inspect and re-certify, or revoke certification, on any GSA approved container or vault door.

Subjects Covered

Course Includes

Manual on USB
Tool Kit
LSI Diploma


You are able to re-certify up to six months prior to your expiration date up to 90 days following the expiration date. Simply call 866.574.8724 and request GSA Re-certification update materials. You will receive in the mail, a USB with the most up-to-date GSA manual and supporting documents. Please note, the exam is open book (PDF).

ATTENTION: Your Inspector Certification expires every 3 years, we recommend you set a reminder to renew 60 days prior to your expiration. In order to renew your Inspector Certification for three additional years you must take an online exam OR you can come to the on-site 3 day class.

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