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Professional Locksmithing

Length: 10 Days

Course #: LSI 150

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: $3,000.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Professional Locksmithing

You don’t need any experience or formal locksmith training to take this hands-on course. It is perfect for any age individual who wants to either begin a career or start a new career. We offer a number of complementary courses to continually grow your skill set from Pro Lock 2 to Access Control. We have the training you need to succeed in the locksmith industry.

This course will provide you with the skills necessary to become a competent technician who can service, install, troubleshoot and masterkey commercial, industrial and residential key lock systems. These include proper woodworking techniques for non-destructive core drilling and mortising. You will also learn by-pass techniques used by professionals to defeat many key lock systems. These techniques include: lock picking, lock impressioning, lock bumping and tool specific lock by-pass.

Who Should Attend

LSI’s Professional Locksmithing course is ideal for individuals who have never had formal training or for those who are interested in making a career change in the highly competitive and stable field of Locksmithing and Security. Prospective students are:

Course Topics

Course Includes

LSI Professional Locksmith manual
Tool Kit
LSI Diploma
ABUS 83 Series Certification
Schlage Primus Certification

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