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Professional Locksmithing II: Door & Door Hardware Installation

Length: 5 Days

Course #: LSI 169

Prerequisite: None

Tuition: $2,900.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Professional Locksmithing II: Door & Door Hardware Installation

This five day hands-on course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of wood and metal doors, knockdown door frames, and a variety of door hardware installation. The training you will receive in this course will provide you with the skills to confidently work in the field as a (wood and metal) door and door hardware installation technician. Students will also gain the knowledge to competently make hardware recommendations for exit/entrance doors that meet or exceed requirements of the ADA and NFPA101.

Who Should Attend

LSI’s Professional Locksmithing 2 course is ideal for students who have completed our Professional Locksmithing course and are looking for the next step in continuing their professional education. This course will also be great for the experienced technician who is looking to add additional skills to his/her service capabilities. Prospective students are:

Course Topics

Course Includes

LSI Professional Locksmithing II Manual
Tool Kit
LSI Diploma

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