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Site Security Manager (SSM)

Length: 2 Days

Course #: LSI180

Prerequisite:  U.S. Citizen

Experience Level: Entry

(Basic ICD-705 knowledge beneficial)

Tuition: $800.00

Initial (1 Time) Enrollment Fee: $100.00

Site Security Manager (SSM)

Course Overview
The course on Site Security Manager (SSM) will instruct participants on collaborating with the Accrediting Official (AO) in crafting a crucial document, the Construction Security Plan (CSP), essential before commencing construction. The AO and SSM jointly assess proposed SCIFs for potential threats, vulnerabilities, and assets, determining optimal countermeasures for both physical and technical security. Depending on the risk assessment, it might be deemed practical to mitigate a standard or, in contrast, necessitate additional security measures due to a substantial risk factor.
The course emphasizes the SSM’s crucial role in overseeing and documenting every milestone in the Critical Path Methodology (CPM). This includes tasks such as capturing photographs of perimeter walls before closure, documenting the installation of radio frequency protection, and overseeing the placement of waveguides and man bars. Additionally, the SSM is tasked with monitoring workers and documenting any violations of the CSP.

ICD/ICS 705 requires an SSM for each SCIF/SAPF project. The SSM will coordinate with the Accrediting Official on the space’s planning, construction, and accreditation.

Who Should Attend

• Introduction to Construction Site Security Management
• Why We Do What We Do
• National Physical Security Framework
• Site Selection Process
• Developing a Construction Security Plan
• Stakeholder Relations (Interdisciplinary Team)
• Supply Chain Security
• Case Studies & Best Practices

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