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To enroll and secure a seat in a class, submit the following:

1. LSI Enrollment Form

Download the appropriate PDF (Right Click / Save As), complete it, and fax it to 859-887-0810 or email to education@lockmasters.com

Both forms can be filled out electronically with a PDF reader, or by Printing and Faxing.

If you for any reason are having difficulty with electronic filling, Please simply print the form and fill out by hand. Please print legibly.

If filling electronically, Please save your filled form with your name included prior to emailing.  Both forms should autosave.  If so, you may simply change the name of the file prior to emailing. Example: “enroll_John_Doe.pdf” or “enroll john doe.pdf”

2. Payment

Please note that Tuition will be charged at the TIME of registration, unless otherwise directed by Military or Government requirements.

For any questions, call 866-574-8724 Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET

Email Us or Call (866) 574-8724