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Locksmith Certification

This program will provide you with the skills necessary to become a competent technician who can service, install, troubleshoot and masterkey commercial, industrial and residential key lock systems. These include proper woodworking techniques for non-destructive core drilling and mortising. You will also learn by-pass techniques used by professionals to defeat many key lock systems. These techniques include: lock picking, lock impressioning, lock bumping and tool specific lock by-pass.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Explain lock terminology.
  2. Explain and identify key blanks.
  3. Perform key duplication and code cutting.
  4. Identify, install and service cylindrical and mortise locksets.
  5. Explain lock designs and functions.
  6. Perform master keying pin tumbler cylinders.
  7. Perform picking and professional bypass techniques.
  8. Perform key impressioning.
  9. Identify interchangeable cores: Best, Arrow, Eagle, Falcon and Schlage
  10. Identify high security locks: Schlage, Primus, Medeco and ASSA (Factory Certification).
  11. Use code software to generate keys.
  12. Identify cam lock parts and installation procedures.

Required Tool Kit

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    Course Length – 10 Days
    Course Tuition – $2,900
    One Time Student Enrollment Fee – $100

    Taught in Kentucky location

    Program Length – Full Time/70 Hours
    Program Tuition – $2,435.00
    Tool Kit Fee – $465.00
    One Time Student Enrollment Fee – $100

    Prerequisites: None

    Program Includes
    Locksmith manual on Kindle & ProLock Tool Kit,
    which must be purchased at LSI

    Program Certifications
    ASSA Certification
    Simplex 1000 Certification