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Student Testimonials

What Students Are Saying About Lockmasters Security Institute

“There was a lot of hype from co-workers who attended class over 20 years ago!  After 20 years the hype is real and now I understand why after 20 years they still talk about Lockmasters.” – Scott Hunt

“LSI is an amazing institute to attend and learn the numerous sytems of the security trade.  Very knowledgeable and friendly staff and instructions.  High class training facility where you feel satisfied and have enhanced your security skills!” – Brandon Ledesma

“The ProLock 1 course provided way more information than expected.  The depth and knowledge the instructors have about the locksmithing craft is unparalleled and why I would/will return.” – David Trujillo

” Professional Locksmithing 1 was a course that in my opinion gave me the training to become a successful locksmith in the field.  With a lot more to learn, I will be a repeat student.” – Jarrod Montoya

“Advancing knowledge. Transforming lives.  Lockmasters Security Institute.” – C.J. Bona

“The best school and educational experience that I have ever had. Great instructors and just a great learning environment with new technology and equipment to help us learn better.” – Justin Hae

“The entire establishment is outstanding and provided more time and assistance to ensure everyone left knowing they could complete their mission.” – Frankie Humes

“Far and away the best training experience I have had in 12+ years of government service.” 

“Out of over 30 courses I’ve taken over the last 15 years, this has, without a doubt, been the very best!”




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